montrose book pages

Montrose VA 1958 – 1988, 58 color pencil drawings, 169 pencil sketches, hand written text.

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Looking at my drawing and painting of Montrose VA years after I had done them I had the idea that maybe they would make a book. Any subject is book material apparently; war, high society and low, concentration camps, starvation, life and death, insanity. The patients at Montrose are not all insane or incompetent but do have emotional, neurological, psychiatric problems. Sometimes short and acute, sometimes long term, permanent… I tried to paint because I had the remote idea that it might serve me in my behavior to others.”  – David Byrd


men showering

2 drawings

running man text on right side

falling man, writing on right


Walter Putrycz reads ‘What is Insanity’ from Montrose VA 1958-1988.