Happy New Year from the David Byrd Estate!

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david byrd book

Anton Kern Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition that celebrates David Byrd’s book, Montrose V.A. 1958-1988.

February 25 – April 3, 2021

press release here

Anton Kern Gallery is pleased to announce its forthcoming exhibition: David Byrd, Montrose VA, 1958 – 1988. The exhibition centers around Byrd’s original manuscript, of the same title, chronicling his observations during his thirty-year employment in the psychiatric ward at the VA hospital in Montrose, NY. This handmade book was a labor of love, created by the artist during the reflective period of his later years. It serves as a crucial codex for understanding Byrd’s personal history, as well as his psychologically stirring oeuvre of paintings and works on paper. Select pages – with handwritten texts, sketches, and colored pencil drawings – will be displayed throughout the gallery in vitrines, accompanied by paintings, sketchbooks and other archival materials relating to this major body of work.

Watch David Byrd read from the book.

Direct all inquiries to: ANTON KERN GALLERY, Kristen Smoragewicz, Director
212-367-9663, kristen@antonkerngallery.com